Oct 31, 2010

Calabaza en tacha

Pumpkins are one of my favorites things of autumn. They've got this huge range of forms, colours and flavours!!! They're just sooo pretty aaand yummy too. You can prepare all sort of dishes, a nice creamy spicy soup,  a luxurious pumpkin-orange bread even bodybutter if you mix the flesh with a bit of coconut cream and almond oil, they are just amazing.

Here in México, we prepare "calabaza en tacha" by boiling it with  Piloncillo ( sort of double molasses) cinnamon and some people add aniseed (I even add a bit of ginger) till a thick syrup is formed and pumpkin is tender.


 piloncillo + cinnamon+ aniseed+water +pumpkin

= calabaza en tacha



aymeric said...

miam glupp slurp....
tu me tentes c'est pas bien pour mon régime ça:p ^^

EärwenElórë said...

^^ alors je ne vais plus t'envoyer des bonbons

Indalecio said...

Lo platicas muy delicioso, pero me confieso nada aficionado a la calabaza en ninguna de sus formas, lol ñ.ñ

EärwenElórë said...

buuuu, Haz probado la crema de calabaza de castilla con curri? uuuuf con un scoop de crema acida y pan de ajo. Parael frio es la ooonda jajaja