Nov 18, 2010

une escarcelle pour une belle femme

As everytime I do something for someone I love....I freak out. I want it to be as pretty as can be , to show them how much I care. Usually in the process I really go crazy.This belt pouch was no exception.

First things first,  I  imagine how I want the pouch to look like, tolors, form and materials. Lately my favorite pouches are felted medieval-inspired ones and as this gift was ment for a re-enactor well, it fitted perfectly. 

Nooow the tricky thing here is that I'm just learning to make my own crochet patterns and usually after felting I end up with weird forms ooor not exactly what I expected. Once again, this was the case jajaja. I was getting angry wheeeen a lovely bear told me he couldn't understand what was wrong with it "c'est jolie" he said. So after this, I realized I actually liked it even if it wasn't exactly as I'd imagined jeje, sooo from here on, everything was a breeze. Loved the result, hope Laetitia did too.

Voici some pics, let me know what you like or what could be improved.

just out of the washer

felt detail

 adding the cord ( I looove making cord je ne sais pas pq)

 Hand painted buttons, and twisted cord details

 the closure, braided cord and hand painted button

hand cross-stitched linnen lining (tongue twister)

Voilà l'escarcelle que j'adore ^^
my fave till now

Nov 8, 2010

Voilà, Camille

After taking forever,  je vous présent Camille my sweet bear.  Why Camille? I have no idea whatsoever, it just felt right for her...her? jajaja Yeah I give name and gender to stuffed animals, thankfully, lots of other people do that, otherwise I might start thinking I've got  issues..jajaja

Today I had class at the airport, so I seized this opportunity to visit Vic and gift her to him, chose a nice baby gift bag, took some quick shots and off I went to class.