May 28, 2008

First steps

The other day I found a small doily I cross-stiched for Oma some 13 yrs ago... Cant remeber why I didnt give it to her. When I saw it, I couldnt but smile...gosh what a mess jajaja you can tell I was just learning. Gave me a weird feeling of accomplishment...

In the begining I didnt know how exactly the stitch was supposed to look like. Time passed and eventually I learned, with some advice here and there, but mainly by following an embroidery booklet my Oma gave me.

Just look at the size of those knots! Knots! hehe Some stitches to one side, some to the other...I only had my intuition and my little sewing knowledge so a knot seemed perfectly normal.. ;P

May 14, 2008

Babies season

Some of my dear friends are having babies... for some weird reason all are comming out of the oven on June!! So I'm quite busy now with baby thingies which by the way I looove doing (this sounds funny and might be misunderstood by some, I knooow I can see your smile from here).

Done some stuff before, 3 baby blankets with cross-stich and needlework designs all around the border and a couple of granny's blocks afghans. Hope I can get some photos from these and post them here.

For Rosita and Adolfo I finished last week a baby blanket, a pair of booties and a lamb. Thaaat afghan took me a loooooot of time. I should tell you, so I will..jejeje... my mom has this huge collection of crochet magazines (Mon tricot, now called a vintage magazine LOL) from old times when she crocheted like crazy. Hence I dont buy magazines for baby designs, I've got plenty to lure within... found a pattern that promised to be easy and crochetable while in the subway ( yeaaah I stitch in there, why not) Went to the store, bought some pretty yarn and started. Double crochet...again and again..and again the whole blanket is made with double it is worked like an overgrown granny's block and Im not very experienced, made me prone to skipping stitches every now and then....soooo I had to count and count to fix it many times (sic). Still I love how it turned out.Nooooo its miiine, my treasure, my precious treasure..eventually I girt-wrapped it.

The booties were quite easy to crochet and to fall in love with, they look so cute. Did I mention all I had crocheted before these projects were scarfs and afghans? ergo this was a new experience..jajaja I used ballet slippers pattern from e-Patterncentral and modified it a bit. Where I bought the buttons, the salegirls (who are very nice to me) made my day with an "oooh looooook!" ;-p Here's the result. Crocheted a pair for each baby.

And at last but not least, my lamb..mmm actually theirs. For this sweetie I used a Lion Brand pattern but changed to Red Heart yarn. Yep, had to make “slight” changes, cause of this and cause I wanted the legs bigger. Took out some scrap yarn I had and transformed it into flowers ( pattern) It turned out just fine I guess; at least I liked it and Rosita and Adolfo did too so, that's moooore than enough.

Soooo tiny

Isnt it beautiful, I really really liked it. [n_n]

Detail of the border, each triangle is made separately.

This is how it looked before placing inside a pretty giftbag

May 13, 2008

Starting point...

Since a kid I've had these creativity urges and propelled by my parents (specially dad) and family, they grew and grew till..well... my mind had to expand somewhere else. jajaja

Maybe that's why school classes were'nt precisely my favorite place to be. Don't missunderstand me, I loved school buuut something took me faar away from there. -Mrs. your daughter behaves alright, the prob is that she never pays attention in class ...sic... since then, mom tells me I have birds in my head. No mom, not only birds..flower too..jajaja.

I remember one day Dad taught me how pistachio shells can be roadstones and wooded sticks the house's fence, some cotton clouds and sand paper backgroud hills...Those were the foundations of a weird behaving imagination of mine...

Foundation. noun. The basis on which a thing stands, is founded, or is supported.

Reflecting on this, I looked back to when did i learned to... d[*_*]b

A bit more than 12yrs ago I started cross-stitching....oh my! and some 20yrs since Oma introduced me to needle and thread...the possibility of sewing my dolls clothes... I still sew. Mom taught me how to crochet some years ago, but just retook it 2yrs ago and last Dec Oma taught me knitting principles. Paper, paint, colouring pencils, watercolours...etc have been my companions along all this 27 (almost 28) yrs. Theads, fabrics, beads...textures, colors, and all the possible combinations make my mind go nuts with dif, proyects...

So, I decided to blog this urge in order to find an answer to a question: What am I going to do with them?