Oct 13, 2008

Middleseason crisis....

Last weekend I took some time to visit my favorite supply stores downtown... My guess is that half the city did the same ...jajaja Went all the way to my fave stores to pick up some nice fabrics, threads and maybe a pattern or two... just to find myself inmerse in a some sort of middle season crisis!! It was like christmas in october jajaja Never before have i seen so many ladies alltogether in the same craftstore before nov. Living in Mexico city makes me quite used to crowded spaces, buuuut this was just too much for me. Imagine entering a suply store, take the #74 turn when currently they're round #50. Mom's in urgent need of new blouses that fit her menopausic body (or so she said..jejeje) I get to be in charge, so I had to endure the crowd...(sight)

Besides all, I found a very tasty Moda dea yarn sale at Guaida's. It's one of my favorite yarn and notions store, small and nice ... nightmare, last weekend. Nevertheless, a 50% off, made waiting in line for more than 20 mins worth it. The sad part was that everything had been picked over, making it hard to find similar balls. I just grabbed a couple of balls for a scarf and ran away..well I paid for them before...jeje Moda dea's Caché and Kickx in reds. Caché is a bulky wool-acrylic-poliester yarn with subtle metalic flashes, and Kickx is a nylon-acrylic furry yarn; both together feel soooo soft and warm. Im knitting them with moss stitch into a nice sassy scarf for the not so sassy girl, me. jajaja. Ill tell you later about the fabric and its future jajaja

Yet another baby cross-stich

I've gone through a lot of projects since june buuuuuut I had no camera and no time to blog them.... maybe Ill be able to catch up.

Another cross-stitch on knits. I cant help it, just looove to stitch baby stuff..jejeje Baby boy born last weekend, Mona's little one. I havent officially met him, oohi just hope it does fit!