Oct 31, 2010

Calabaza en tacha

Pumpkins are one of my favorites things of autumn. They've got this huge range of forms, colours and flavours!!! They're just sooo pretty aaand yummy too. You can prepare all sort of dishes, a nice creamy spicy soup,  a luxurious pumpkin-orange bread even bodybutter if you mix the flesh with a bit of coconut cream and almond oil, they are just amazing.

Here in México, we prepare "calabaza en tacha" by boiling it with  Piloncillo ( sort of double molasses) cinnamon and some people add aniseed (I even add a bit of ginger) till a thick syrup is formed and pumpkin is tender.


 piloncillo + cinnamon+ aniseed+water +pumpkin

= calabaza en tacha


Oct 21, 2010

habemus ursus....almost

Remember the bear I'm working on, well, it seems that getting the ball's size right was trickier than I thought. Yesterday I ended up with a ball 1 inch bigger than it should....so now I have to  down size it  in order to give my lovely bear a decent body :-p

Mr Google found a very nice tutorial for sewing balls on the internet database for jugglers. I chose a 3 pannel ball and doubled the pattern's size before printing.  Mine is made out of 6 diferent fabrics. Here´s my choice:

Wonder which one's my fave?  I love this one soooo much? It's adorable!!!

This cutie is not sawn up just yet, look how weird the body looks with the big ball inside..jajaja

And in the mean time, Hanna was awaiting for her own ball session ^^

Oct 19, 2010

more on baby stuff

As I've mentioned  in former posts, one of the things I enjoy making the most is baby stuff,  the fabrics,  crocheting, sewing you name it, baby stuff. So when Vic told me about his newborn...well I was thrilled. I decided to give stuffed animals a try.

As you may guess, I chose a Bear..jaja couldn't help myself :p When Ximena was born, I bought a  pattern from e-patterncentral that I didn't crochet, hence this was my opportunity to do so ^^ It's a "bear blanket hide-out" this means it has an opening to well, hide a blankie in there, jajaja as Im nooot crocheting a blankie I decided to sew a fabric ball instead ^^

I'm almost through the hole body now, and will be joining this gorgeous little bear, I hope, this afternoon. Can you see it already?