Oct 21, 2010

habemus ursus....almost

Remember the bear I'm working on, well, it seems that getting the ball's size right was trickier than I thought. Yesterday I ended up with a ball 1 inch bigger than it should....so now I have to  down size it  in order to give my lovely bear a decent body :-p

Mr Google found a very nice tutorial for sewing balls on the internet database for jugglers. I chose a 3 pannel ball and doubled the pattern's size before printing.  Mine is made out of 6 diferent fabrics. Here´s my choice:

Wonder which one's my fave?  I love this one soooo much? It's adorable!!!

This cutie is not sawn up just yet, look how weird the body looks with the big ball inside..jajaja

And in the mean time, Hanna was awaiting for her own ball session ^^


Indalecio said...

no ma, está bien chido >.<

EärwenElórë said...

pero si todavia no esta terminado :-s ni siquiera tiene patitas :-p