Oct 19, 2010

more on baby stuff

As I've mentioned  in former posts, one of the things I enjoy making the most is baby stuff,  the fabrics,  crocheting, sewing you name it, baby stuff. So when Vic told me about his newborn...well I was thrilled. I decided to give stuffed animals a try.

As you may guess, I chose a Bear..jaja couldn't help myself :p When Ximena was born, I bought a  pattern from e-patterncentral that I didn't crochet, hence this was my opportunity to do so ^^ It's a "bear blanket hide-out" this means it has an opening to well, hide a blankie in there, jajaja as Im nooot crocheting a blankie I decided to sew a fabric ball instead ^^

I'm almost through the hole body now, and will be joining this gorgeous little bear, I hope, this afternoon. Can you see it already?

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