Nov 8, 2010

Voilà, Camille

After taking forever,  je vous présent Camille my sweet bear.  Why Camille? I have no idea whatsoever, it just felt right for her...her? jajaja Yeah I give name and gender to stuffed animals, thankfully, lots of other people do that, otherwise I might start thinking I've got  issues..jajaja

Today I had class at the airport, so I seized this opportunity to visit Vic and gift her to him, chose a nice baby gift bag, took some quick shots and off I went to class.


Indalecio said...

A tus pies Mariana, es la cosa más linda que yo haya visto, la pelotita omg!!

Lovely en grado superlativo.

hail a ti!

EärwenElórë said...

thx ^^ ya le traia ganas a ese patron y si quedo lindo jajaja
me costo trabajo regalarla :p

merci bcp mon ami!

Tulkas Astaldo Poldoreä said...

ahhhh quiero uno, esta demasiado cute, me encanta =D

EärwenElórë said...

gracias ^^ haga su pedido joven jajaja