Jun 2, 2010


long time no see....buuut I just finished my new pincushion. Felt, little bit o' embroidery. Didnt want to take too long on this proyect as I have tons ( by tons I mean a hell lot) of bags to finish up....So came up with this.

I think I might be a bit addicted to paisleys, jajaja. I may use the extra felt to make a nice pencil or cosmetics baggy, what ya think?

love this color combination.

coconut button.

a closer look XD


Indalecio said...

Está bien cute el alfiletero XD

EärwenElórë said...

adoro este alfiletero :) jejeje

Tulkas Astaldo Poldoreä said...

Exelente me gusto mucho =D

EärwenElórë said...

grazie :)