Jun 22, 2010

My workshop

 Yesterday Dad decided to give me and my workshop an opportunity to show that I'm on my way, by giving me a  "new" 30 year-old cupboard for my stuff :) This was a cupboard my parents had when they got married 33 yrs ago. Its not pretty at all, and I dont have time nor money to renew it buuuut it makes wonders to my piles and piles of boxes of fabric, yarn, paints ....all over the room.  Other nice thing is that I'm allowed to use a small cabinet from an old Oma's bookcase, I've always loooved this cabinet :) Its now the place for my notebook materials and craftbooks

Im happy

Now everything's gonna be handy and ordered....or so I hope...I'll take some pics later..

it's exciting


Indalecio said...

Hermosura de detalle de tu jefe, se te lee contenta y eso rocks!

Todas las bendiciones para ti niña ^.^

EärwenElórë said...

yeah I'm thrilled
papa trajo ese mueble a casa para sus herramientas asi que darmelo para mis cosas es la onda :)

tHx again :)

EärwenElórë said...

salaam aleikum

Indalecio said...

Gracias, de igual manera lo mismo para ti ^.^

p.d. use a don google para saber el significado!