Jun 7, 2010

new books and yarn :D

Last friday mom and I found  this magnifiscent crochet book from leisure arts at our local yarn store.....°_°  It was a must so we bought it.

It wasn't really expensive (round 260MXN), and is worth every single cent of it. InsideI found a treasure of new posibilities for my bags and stuff in general.  There's a small chapter about the history of crochet, all the techniques, how to's of main stiches aaaand....

 Look! There's even a stitch pattern gallery along with pictures, steno and explanations :D makes me sooo happy :D

The real objective of our visit was to get some yarn for a nice baggy mom's been wanting to crochet for some time now. We chose cotton ease from Lion Brand. As if the book wasn't enough, there were some italian yarns on sale, 50% sale!!! linen-cotton-silk blend yarn....Yummy!! It was a must... jejeje Ya know Im an addict and so is mom....as mother as daughter I guess.

Here, I took some pics of the yarns:

I managed to get 300g of this beautiful beige silky cotton

Got 150g of both orange and red

and  my color choice for the baggy...I have just the right fabric for the lining

On other crafty news, my parents gave a really nice present: a brand  new sewing book called "Coser en casa" (sewing at home)....it's a sewing bible that lingers from basics to home decor and such :D missa happy....

Everything comes clearly illustrated step by step. I've already learnt a couple of new tricks for my bag linings :)



Indalecio said...


De solo pensar en las maravillas que saldrán de la combinación de ese libro y tu talento yawl!

EärwenElórë said...

hombre! muchas gracias :)
a ver, a ver que se me ocurre :)

Tulkas Astaldo Poldoreä said...

Concuerdo con Inda lo que se te puede ocurrir segun loq ue e visto son maravillas =D

Indalecio said...

cambiaste el luk del bló, se ve chidis ^.^

EärwenElórë said...

danke ^^