Jan 2, 2009

what is it with me and baby projects?

baby coloured fabric, threads, patterns.....and a year I finished the patchwork blanket for Ximena.... Felt like forever jajaja.

First I cross-stitched 5 blocks with really cute animals, then I did the rest. Bunch o little squares, sew them together and try to match them as good as I was able to. Though I'm aware its my very first attempt on this kind of projects and mistakes happen, the colour matches are a bit dreadfull... maybe im being too hard on me, I like the whole thing buuut the fabric matches are really weird. Dunno what to say but I enjoyed a lot doing this blankie, hope Ximena likes it too.

Ill let the images speak for me, ya guys tell me what you think bout it.

bunny's detail

duckling detail

bear's detail

perfect 1/4 " seams buuut all weirdly ironed jajaja

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