Jan 2, 2009

moms fave sweater....new pics here!!

My mom is one of the pickiest persons I know when it comes to clothing. The other day she burnt one of her favorite sweaters, the first time in I dont know how many years of smoking...and it had to happen on this one in particular. So Mom came to me and asked if i could please embroider something on it.

Can you see there the loose stitches?

(sorry for the lack of sharpness, cellphone pic)

Gosh Mom! look at the size of that hole?! jajaja Well...as good a daughter as I can be (lol) I took up the task seriously.

Grabbed a hook and started stabilizing the fabric

Then using a couple of strads of embroidery cotton I weaved a mesh to cover the hole. As some stitches remained complete I just picked them up with the needle and passed the thread through them so theu wouldnt unravel. Turned out pretty good for my firts time.

After that, I used some termofusible knitted linning to make it even more stable and started to embroider a nice flower so the hole looked more like an embelishement and not as much as a repair jeje. Voilá...not thaat bad isnt it? jejeje Taking in consideration I'm just starting to learn embroidery....

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