Mar 31, 2009

The wolf revisited

I had already forgotten bout this entrance, till...someone out there asked for the rest of the pics and story of this wolf stitchery... its been some time now hum?..well...I took pics of the everyday advances, though they turned out pretty bad..hehe.

Anyway, the thing is, back then I was looking for a project that could be challenging enough to fulfill my stitching urgency as well as easy to finish in a few days. So, while into that I found this long kept kit between my aida fabric...a wolf totem. Around those days, I met this guy who calls the wolf his totem...By then he had already become a very special person in my life, his sole appearance in it is special so, it was well worth the stitching as a present...

First day...
beginning of second
I think I'm getting better and better

detail of finishes stitchery
just an hour before finishing it

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Yubel said...

thanks for this from now on i'm love with that desing. thank you so much!.